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Yes, after a quite long period of time and many many small steps, the top of the hill is in sight.

Meaning: Depravation –  II:MALEDICTVM will be released soon.

We’re as excited as little kids and we can’t wait on finally holding the vinyl in our hands and giving it the first spin.

Keep your eyes open for further info on the release date, vinyl-colours, preorders and all that stuff. Until then: Check the track “Filth” from the upcoming album, now streaming on Cvlt Nation.


DOR 001 – DOR 004 = SOLD OUT!

DOR 001 , DOR 002, DOR 003 & DOR 004 are now ALL GONE!

Thanks a lot for your support!

Great things cast their shadows…

DOR006: ANCST – The Humane Condition EP

Finished all Tapes yesterday.

Preorders have been shipped, but might take a little longer to arrive, because the German Post is on a strike (until April 25th). Please be patient.

Here are some pictures Jonas Kehl took. Check out his other stuff on his Blog, too. Talented dude!

Get the Tapes here:


It’s been pretty quiet in the last few days/weeks/months. But that doesn’t mean DOR was sleeping. DOR was regenerating…hahaha.
Yes, there will be a new tape out soon.
Yes, it will be the Ancst EP.
Yes, it will be awesome.
No, they haven’t decided on a EP-title, yet.
Yes, you should check them out, if you haven’t already.
Yes, their Demo is still for sale in the DOR-Webshop.
Yes, they like to draw knights in shiny armor.
No, this is not the artwork.



Von Drakus – The End 12″ + new shop

The wait is over. The new Von Drakus one-sided-12″ is here.

Check out the awesome pictures of this beauty.

Recorded at Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg by the band. Mixed and mastered by Role/Tonmeisterei.

Artwork by Sara Winkle / Sam Bloodbankdesign.

Printed by Dekor Labor.

Comes in a 350g 3-panel-fold-out-poster and screenprinted die-cut sleeves.

Listen to & download the entire record:



Also the DOR shop has moved.

You can now find all the stuff here:

Interview and Distro

I did an interview with Arturs at Archive Hate.

He asked me a bunch of questions about the label as well as about Depravation. You should read it…you really should.

Also I’ve finally managed to get the distro stuff up here. You can now find it in the blog’s Distro section and the bigcartel store.

Scissors again…

We decided to make Depravation – I:PRAEDICTVM CDs also. They will soon be available at shows and at the DOR Shop.

So here are a few shots from yesterday, when we made the covers. The CDs are not finished yet. They will have a “D” painted with ashes on them.

Furthermore there are some reviews of I:PRAEDICTVM online. Here’s a nice one. Give it a read and follow the blog.