DOR Releases

As promised, Jonas Kehl took pictures of the latest DOR releases.

Also, the DOR-Shop is updated. Head over to and shop till you drop.



Depravation goes Watain…

Finally Depravation was able to quench their thirst for blood.

We handnumbered the I:PRAEDICTVM tapes with human blood.

It came out really beautiful. See the results below.

You can also listen to and download the whole tape. Check it out in the Bandsection, or directly at the Depravation Bandcamppage.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

All Preorders will ship tomorrow.

Prototypes and News…

Hey there,

first things first: Preorders will be shipped out this week. I promise.

I had to wait/am waiting on bits and pieces for everything to come together, but I’m very positive that the Koloss tapes, as well as the Depravation tapes will be finished by the weekend.

Today is going to be the last day to get in on the DOR Preorder Madness.

There is also one Koloss-prototype. So for everyone of you, who didn’t have a clue about how these things look…here’s one. There will be two versions though. One, that is a darker shape of grey and one that is a little brighter. The paper is handmade, so no tape is exactly the same as another.

Scissors are my best friends…

Howdy boys and girls.

Good news for everyone who placed an order in the last weeks:

The preorder-tapes have finally arrived. And while you were outside enjoying the sun, I was sitting inside, doing  a lot of cutting and folding yesterday & today.

Not everything is finished yet, but you might get your stuff at the end of next week. Maybe. I’ll let you know soon enough.

You are going to see beautiful pictures of all tapes, as soon as they’re finished. Jonas Kehl will be responsible for the visual candy. So while waiting, you might as well go and check out his new blog or have a look at the crappy mobile pictures I took. (That’s right…fuck your smartphone)

Preorder Update

here’s a little update concerning the preorders.
Last week I got the band’s final mixes.
The tapes are now in the making, but it might take up to 3 or 4 weeks until I get hold of them.
In the meantime I’ll start working on the inlays.

Since the Depravation Tapes were actually scheduled to be out earlier & in a more limited edition, everyone who preordered will get al little extra for their patience.

Again, in case you have forgotten what’s up next:

DOR002 Depravation – I:PRAEDICTVM
– 25 pieces in white / 25 pieces in black
– each with a different cover
– handnumbered with human blood

DOR003 Wolves Carry My Name – Amongst Ruins And Ashes
– 51 pieces in black
– special tapecoverartwork by Mind Collæctor

DOR004 Koloss – End Of The Chayot
– 51 pieces in white
– cover made from handmade paper (unique copies)

If you want to add something to your order, or if you want to order something from the distro, send a mail to or go to

Have a nice day,


Stuff happened…

A lot of stuff has happened since the last news post.

The webshop is online.
The Derelyction tape is out.
You can listen to each band’s recordings in the BANDS-section.
More Tapes are in the making. Namely:

DOR 002 Depravation – I:PAEDICTVM
DOR 003 Wolves Carry My Name – Amongst Ruins And Ashes
DOR 004 Koloss – End Of The Chayot

You will be able to close some sweet preorder-deals tonight in Siegen.
For all those who can’t make it to the show, there will be a special preorder offer tomorrow in celebration of te Record Store Day 2012.
Keep your eyes open.

Derelyction tapes arrvied…

…the Derelyction – Destination Extinction tapes came today.
They sound good. Now we’re going to take care of the rest of the outfit and they should be ready to order in week or so.

Derelyction Tapes